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Balanced Oc Meme By Fennu-d4cpehz by Gekko73 Balanced Oc Meme By Fennu-d4cpehz :icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0 Perfect-No-SRSLY by Gekko73 Perfect-No-SRSLY :icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0 LaytonScreenshotMeme by Gekko73 LaytonScreenshotMeme :icongekko73:Gekko73 1 0 Italy_Trio by Gekko73 Italy_Trio :icongekko73:Gekko73 3 0 WhatIDo by Gekko73 WhatIDo :icongekko73:Gekko73 2 2 China Likes teh neko-me by Gekko73 China Likes teh neko-me :icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0
Hetalia meme
1. Super fun fun adventure amusement park marathon with you, 1 and 9! How will it go?
Canada, Austria and I rode the teacups! Then Canada and I decided to ride the roller-coaster, leaving Austria behind to fend for himself.
2.What's 10's opinion on cheese?
Austria sees it as more of party foods then actual food. . . Dude, seriously?
3. What would you do if you hadn't met 2?
I wouldn't be scared to eat scones again. ^_^''
4. How would 9 insult 4?
"It's okay, China! Not everybody can be as awesome as me! Kesesesesese!!!"
5. How did you meet 3?
I wanted to get rid of my extra chubb, so I went for a walk with my dog. That's when I met Germany.
6. Who would win in a duel, 8 or 5? And what kind of duel would they pick, anyway?
Russia would win against spain in, well, almost any kind of duel!
7. Hot 4 on 2, what happens?
China x England?! Does not compute!!!
8. Do you love 7?
I would love Romano if w
:icongekko73:Gekko73 2 0
My1stHetaliaMeme by Gekko73
Mature content
My1stHetaliaMeme :icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0
Rachel Romano:  ("Quaverand")
Is at the center of three tectonic plates. (Caribbean Plate, African Plate, and Eurasian Plate.)
Strengths: Educational system, Health Care, Architecture/design, Farms (Fruit,Veggies, Chickens, sheep, wheat.)
Weaknesses: Armed Forces, Earth Metals
Allies: Neutral Country
Enemies: Neutral Country
This is her Story
Greetings Miss Rachel Romano,
We would be honored to meet you here at the UN, if you are able to, please come to your first meeting with us in the Capital of Italy; Rome/Roma.
Signed, Arthur Kirkland.
Francis Bonnefoy
Kiku Honda
Ludwig Beilschmidt
Romano and Feliciano Vargas
   "Er. . . Io vado a Roma? Yay!" Rachel Romano didn't understand much English, But this is what she got from the letter: "Hello Rachel Romano, we want to meet you, please come to Rome." So she got the gist of it, other than the fact that she would be meeting other countrys as well. On Quaverand the only real means of transportation is by boat. Which i
:icongekko73:Gekko73 2 0
2P!England-Cupcake by Gekko73 2P!England-Cupcake :icongekko73:Gekko73 1 9
Mature content
This is how it goes Ch.12 :icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0
This is how it goes Ch.11
   After that night Francis and I decided to be a couple. Which was good considering;
"Um, Francis?" "Oui, mon cheri?" He was in the living room, relaxing on the couch. I was searching the kitchen.
"Do you have any caramel corn?"
"I'm craving caramel corn..."
"I need something chewy/crunchy/salty/sweet."
"Um, I guess we can buy some."
   He got up and walked over to me.
"Oh! Merci, Francis! Merci beaucoup, allons-y!" I grabbed him around the waist and hugged
him tight.
"Wow! Full on French!!"
He hugged me back, just for a second, and we left for the local whole-food store.
They have things, even sweets, that use natural ingredients. I got him to like the place too. But... After a little while...
   I was browsing the wall of dried fruits and veggies, while Francis was getting some coconut milk. (Shut up, it's awesome.) All of a sudden- "!!!" I felt terrible, I was doubled over, I felt sick. "F-Francis!" He
:icongekko73:Gekko73 1 0
Mature content
This is how it goes Ch.10 :icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0
Girl-Fist by Gekko73 Girl-Fist :icongekko73:Gekko73 2 2
This is how it goes Ch.9
   I like to take the shower head and sit down in the tub to get clean. It has the massaging comfort of the shower, but I have time to think about things. I started thinking about how I got here, in France's house when, just yesterday now that I think about it, I could only talk to a picture of him. That lead me to think about the fire, and soon after, my sister. "~sigh~ I need to go visit her again. Maybe she's up now!" I quickly got out, dried, and put on a robe that Francis was kind enough to lend to me. I made my way to the guest room to fall asleep. "The faster I fall asleep, the sooner I wake up, and the sooner I wake up the sooner I can see my Troika! . . Wow, I am way to awake to fall asleep right now. What time is it anyway?" I look over at the alarm clock to see that it's only 7:00pm. "No way."
   I decide to go downstairs, get something to eat and watch some TV. I make a melted roast-beef sandwich with Swiss, and decide on a romantic comedy. Abo
:icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0
The Akatsuki Family Ch.2
    "Here is your name tag." I pin the name tag to her newly-made-baby-sized Akatsuki robe.
' 神ジュニ'  She gave me a big open mouthed smile, her eyes squinted. I have a feeling she likes it.
   That night I introduced her to everyone after dinner. . . She had a sliced up banana.
"DIVINE JUNIOR? Really?" Itachi gave me a look like I was fu**ing crazy. Which was probably
spot-on, knowing him. "Yes, REALLY. She's Jashin's daughter. It's only right." I say the last part looking down at her. She's struggling to keep her bright golden eyes open. GOLDEN, like, yellowish! "Well, DJ's getting tired. I'll see you guys in the morning." I was stopped halfway to my room by Konan.
"What is it? DJ's falling asleep." I talk to her in a loud whisper.
"About that." She hands me a giant bag of diapers, bottles, and assorted ointments. "You'll be able to sleep for about four hours tonight. In total. Nighty-night!" She flashes an evil g
:icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0


2p England X reader! Sleepy time
This is my first X reader fanfic guys!! I hope you like this, enjoy!|
|The photo does not belong to me nor 2p hetalia
|sorry if short!
As you came home from working at the mall as a cashier at Macy's, you were quite sleepy. Man, all you wanted to do is sleep like Greece. As you opened the door to your ampartment, there was a pink haired fellow who was bouncing off the walls. You sighed, 'Why does Oliver have to have a suger high right now, I'm tired and I don't need him bugging me' you thought as you closed door. "Hello poppet!" He giggles as he hugged you, "Hey Oliver" you said as you yawned. His eyes were filled with happiness as you smiled at him as you hugged back. "Sleepy?" He asked as he smiled as he drew back from the hug. "I had a long day at work" you groaned as you remembered dealing with a angry customer. He giggles as he started to babble somthing funny that happened with Allen, at the moment you just wanted to get some damn sleep. You groaned as you plopped down on the cou
:iconcooldvd1:Cooldvd1 4 1
England X Reader - Soulmates
Soulmate AU where you’re really artistic and whatever you draw on your skin shows up on your soulmates skin.
You were sat in a local cafe, making small doodles on your wrist while listening to the soft pitter-patter of the rain outside. You put the pen down and look out the window covered in raindrops as you took a sip of your warm drink. You thought for a moment before putting the mug down in front of you and picked up the pen, continuing to draw around the drawings that already covered your arm. You were a very artistic person. You loved to draw, paint, use oil pastels, anything that can be used to make art. And you often used your skin as a canvas. You always carried a pen with you, instead of bringing your sketchbook everywhere, you used your arms. You did it to calm your nerves, or just simply out of boredom. Which was quite a lot.
You heard the loud ring of the bell go off, signaling someone had walked into the cafe. You glance up from your wrist and see a dirty blon
:iconsmolchildx:smolchildx 17 13
Tony X reader (smut) part 1/2
Ever look at someone and think "I don't think I'll fall for someone like that" ? And then do years later and dream of them, long for them...want them...NEED them. Well you have and you hated yourself for it. Just dreaded it, the fact that you fell for Tony stark was something you wish wasn't something that happened...but hey it did and there was nothing you could do.
You were well aware he wouldn't see you the same way, to busy women with who weren't you and let's be killed you. It felt like your heart was trying to choke you out with the feeling of your throat closing when you felt the need to cry over a man who wasn't even yours.
Perhaps that needed to stop but you weren't ready. It was just a crush that would eventually stop making you feel this way and disappear..fade away like a thife into the night. You shook your head sitting on one of the fine and very expensive leather couches in the stark manor that over looked the ocean view behind large nine foot window..maybe e
:iconwaluweewee:Waluweewee 7 0
Paging Doctor Banner (Bruce x Pregnant! Reader)
Paging Doctor Banner (Bruce x Pregnant! Reader)
It was gonna be soon as you were walking, more like waddling, from the lab to the cafeteria, eight and a half months pregnant and dying to bring your son out into the world. It had been a long and stressful journey for you and your husband, Dr. Bruce Banner, but somehow, the pair of you made it through, as you always did through thick and thin and now you were ready to earn the fruit of your labor... though it turned out you would be getting the reward sooner than you had hoped, a little too soon. As you walked down the vast hallway, a sudden pain hit your abdomen as your side hit the wall, your body growing weak as you could barely keep yourself up.
"F-fuck," feeling a rush of water run down your legs as you cringed, your breath raspy, "Oh god, not now!" The pain lasted for a few minutes before everything settled down, getting back up and looking at the mess you made on the floor. You had to tell Bruce, NOW.
"I can do this, I
:iconkorealchemist:KOREAlchemist 237 49
A Very Deadpool Christmas- Deadpool x reader
As Christmas was one of Wade Wilson’s favorite holidays, along with National Chimichanga day, Halloween, and Groundhog day, you had been spending the entirety of Christmas Eve making everything perfect. You had been wrapping gifts, making some deserts, and completing any last minute shopping all day. Thankfully, you also enjoyed Christmas so it was fine, and you were having a great time. Even though almost every step of the way some sort of Deadpool Hijinks™ would slow down the process.
Like for example, when he decided to actually light up the tree, like, with actual fire. After panicking about your house burning down, the tree was burned to a crisp and you had to send him out to get a new one.
You released a giggle just thinking about it. This was by far the wackiest Christmas you had ever had, but it was also your favorite since you were spending it with your merc’ boyfriend. Although.. there was one thing that could’ve made the day even better.
Sadly, most o
:iconprincessgarbage:PrincessGarbage 6 0
Restful Sleep, Captain America x Reader
“I'll sleep on the floor.” Steve stated upon seeing the singular square bed in the middle of the small room.
“I couldn't do that to you.”
“But I insist.” Steve dropped his bag with an air of finality. He walked a few steps farther, reaching under the lampshade and turning on the lamp beside him before sitting down in the chair next to it.
“We can share the bed, Steve. It’s big enough for two people, and if you're not comfortable, we don't even have to touch.” You said, back turned on him as you hefted your suitcase onto the bed, opening it up and taking out the yellow folder that had the itinerary.
“If you say so.” He stopped looking at you and glanced down at the floor.” What time is the first meeting tomorrow morning?”
You opened up the folder, flipping through each of the pages, your finger running down the individual pages, skimming for times and locations. Steve was originally sent out to go to some meet
:iconcaptainninapants:Captainninapants 165 11
Steve Rogers x Reader Shut Up and Kiss Me
Shut Up and Kiss Me
Request for Mercy the Guardian of Peace
       You grew up to be a fan of Captain America. Your parents always talked about his astonishing achievements and patriotic deeds, and their cousin Howard Stark always told them what an amazing man he was. You had always wanted to meet him, but given that you were from different times, you figured your chance was lost.
       When he was discovered in the ice, still alive, you were ecstatic. He was alive and in New York, so all you had to do was find some excuse to meet him.
       Before too long, he was recruited for the Avengers. Surprisingly enough, your second cousin Tony was also recruited. Most of your immediate family had died by the time you reached adulthood, so you showed up at Stark Tower completely unannounced and introduced yourself as Tony Stark’s second cousin.
       Deciding that you had enough spu
:iconcoinoperatedgirl666:CoinOperatedGirl666 46 1
'Cause It's You and Me (Steve Rogers x Reader)
Summary: Everyone basically knows that something's going on between you and Steve, but the two of you are too shy and too timid to even bother talking about what both parties feel. The two of you eventually come around.
Inspired by: "You and Me" by Lifehouse. The song has a special and personal meaning for me, but I've decided to apply what the song is originally trying to portray in this one shot.

He sighed, averting his gaze as he raised his head.
"Yeah... I guess I should have given time to figure it out as well. I'm sorry."
"There they go again; in their own little world..."
    Tony followed Natasha's gaze, seeing you sitting side by side with Steve Rogers. He smirked, looking back at Natasha as he shook his head. Natasha leaned on the doorway inches beside her, crossing her arms as she sighed with a solemn smile on her face. Tony leaned on the wall, staring at you and Steve. Everyone in the building knows what's up already, but the tw
:iconlasergunsandtacos:LaserGunsandTacos 18 2
Feel my pain Loki x pmsing magical reader
“Loookiiiii!” You whined in attempt to get your husband’s attention. Once again he refused to come. He pretty much avoided you when your time of the month came about and this time was no different. You groaned loudly and threw your pillow at the door. You pouted for a moment before an idea struck you. You retrieved the pillow that you threw and held it above your face. You took a deep breath and let out a shrill shriek before you pressed the soft fluffiness to your face.
“What’s wrong?” Loki shouted as he burst through the door only a few seconds after you first screamed.
“I have a husband who refuses to care for me in my time of dire need.” You complained rather loudly as you glared daggers at him. However, he remained oblivious to the fact that he was supposed to be on the floor writhing in pain from the intensity of your gaze.
“Yes, well that may have something to do with the fact that last month you tried to kill m
:icondeath-for-one:Death-For-One 507 119
Top or Bottom? (StevexReader) One-Shot
It was a typical Sunday night of you and the other Avengers sitting around in a large table talking to one another. Sunday was the day you all got together to hang out and just tell each other what you had been doing this past week. After all the information had been exchanged and everyone was caught up with each other's lives, that's when the fun started. Tony of course cracked lots of jokes as well as Clint and Thor stuffed his face while Steve was learning new slang with each sentence that left everyone's mouth. Natasha and Bruce had both loosened up but that was probably because of the beer they were drinking. You of course were playing along with Clint and Tony, making jokes of your own. 
Then an idea came to your head. A certain topic that you could all talk about. You had done it before with your friends and sure enough it would be fun to talk about it with your Avenger besties.
"So...." You began with a mischievous smile. "You guys want to play a guessing game?"
"What kind
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 1,185 237
Mature content
Naga!Germany x Reader - For Eternity ch 2 LEMON :iconangelicrose1:AngelicRose1 108 105
Mature content
Italy X Reader Sleeping Naked With A Girl :iconleakittychan:leakittychan 373 58
Mature content
Germany x male reader LEMON :iconsoulsociety96:soulsociety96 9 0
UltronxAI!ReaderxVision Failed Experiment Pt. 2
<-- Pt. 1
“There.” Tony grunts as he sets the dismantled bot onto the table.
He had been careful to keep his new creation out of her line of sight while he was building it.
“Anthony, you have been up for far too long…”
“I know. I know. I need rest. There will be enough time for that after this.”
He walked over and dramatically pulled the sheet from the modified Iron Legion robot.
The robot now held a more feminine quality, though it was still rather large.
“I took one of the Legion robots I was working on and switched out it’s armor for the pieces I had already made for Caretaker MK II.”
He crossed his arms clearly proud of himself.
“Anthony, this was unnecessary.”
“It was completely necessary. It’s my fault this happened and I couldn’t live with myself knowing you were just sitting there
:iconkikizara13:kikizara13 272 73
Daddy! Vision x Mommy! Reader |Flying Start|
Vision wasn't usually left in charge of the baby. It's not that he didn't want to be; you could tell, he was enamored with your little boy. But the AI wasn't exactly sure how well he could take care of the seven-month-old, considering his lack of life experience. You wanted him to be involved, though, so you left him in charge of the baby while you did some much needed shopping.
'You'll be fine.' You thought to him as you grabbed your bag, ignoring Vision's almost helpless expression while holding Liam.
'What if something goes wrong?' 
'Then you'll handle it.' You thought simply. Though you had to cave when you saw his worry increase, glancing between you and the snoozing boy in his arms. '...But if you really need help, you can call for me.'
His face relaxed. 'Alright. Be safe. I will do my best to ensure Liam's safety.' He nodded shortly, and you pecked his cheek.
'You'll do great, Viz. I'll see you in a bit!' You responde
:iconcappie-tan:cappie-tan 178 43
My Baby (Avengers x Baby! Reader)
Nick Fury stared down at the bundle in his arms. It was an infant. A baby girl that was left beneath a bench in Central Park. He was on his way to the new S.H.E.I.L.D. agency when he found the child. Not knowing what to do with the child he took it to work. He suffered through the stares of those beneath him. Soon enough he reached his office. He sighed with relief. Using his back he pushed the door open.
“I didn’t know you had a wife.”
   Fury cringed at Tony’s voice. Of course, Tony was here. No one had notified him at all. “I don’t have a wife,” the director glowered at Tony. “Of course, of course. It’s just like Clint’s family,” Tony replied. Fury glowered at Tony. The millionaire snorted with amusement, “What? Did you steal someone kids?” Nick Fury glared even more heavily.
   “I found her dumped under a park bench,” he looked up a Tony. Tony looked up sharply, his brown e
:iconkatcraft455:katcraft455 248 12


This was very funny! It's something that I will have in the back of my mind for a little bit, but if you had done a little more, like m...



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