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Perfect-No-SRSLY :icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0 LaytonScreenshotMeme :icongekko73:Gekko73 1 0 Italy_Trio :icongekko73:Gekko73 3 0 WhatIDo :icongekko73:Gekko73 2 2 China Likes teh neko-me :icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0
Hetalia meme
1. Super fun fun adventure amusement park marathon with you, 1 and 9! How will it go?
Canada, Austria and I rode the teacups! Then Canada and I decided to ride the roller-coaster, leaving Austria behind to fend for himself.
2.What's 10's opinion on cheese?
Austria sees it as more of party foods then actual food. . . Dude, seriously?
3. What would you do if you hadn't met 2?
I wouldn't be scared to eat scones again. ^_^''
4. How would 9 insult 4?
"It's okay, China! Not everybody can be as awesome as me! Kesesesesese!!!"
5. How did you meet 3?
I wanted to get rid of my extra chubb, so I went for a walk with my dog. That's when I met Germany.
6. Who would win in a duel, 8 or 5? And what kind of duel would they pick, anyway?
Russia would win against spain in, well, almost any kind of duel!
7. Hot 4 on 2, what happens?
China x England?! Does not compute!!!
8. Do you love 7?
I would love Romano if w
:icongekko73:Gekko73 2 0
Mature content
My1stHetaliaMeme :icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0
Rachel Romano:  ("Quaverand")
Is at the center of three tectonic plates. (Caribbean Plate, African Plate, and Eurasian Plate.)
Strengths: Educational system, Health Care, Architecture/design, Farms (Fruit,Veggies, Chickens, sheep, wheat.)
Weaknesses: Armed Forces, Earth Metals
Allies: Neutral Country
Enemies: Neutral Country
This is her Story
Greetings Miss Rachel Romano,
We would be honored to meet you here at the UN, if you are able to, please come to your first meeting with us in the Capital of Italy; Rome/Roma.
Signed, Arthur Kirkland.
Francis Bonnefoy
Kiku Honda
Ludwig Beilschmidt
Romano and Feliciano Vargas
   "Er. . . Io vado a Roma? Yay!" Rachel Romano didn't understand much English, But this is what she got from the letter: "Hello Rachel Romano, we want to meet you, please come to Rome." So she got the gist of it, other than the fact that she would be meeting other countrys as well. On Quaverand the only real means of transportation is by boat. Which i
:icongekko73:Gekko73 2 0
2P!England-Cupcake :icongekko73:Gekko73 1 9
Mature content
This is how it goes Ch.12 :icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0
This is how it goes Ch.11
   After that night Francis and I decided to be a couple. Which was good considering;
"Um, Francis?" "Oui, mon cheri?" He was in the living room, relaxing on the couch. I was searching the kitchen.
"Do you have any caramel corn?"
"I'm craving caramel corn..."
"I need something chewy/crunchy/salty/sweet."
"Um, I guess we can buy some."
   He got up and walked over to me.
"Oh! Merci, Francis! Merci beaucoup, allons-y!" I grabbed him around the waist and hugged
him tight.
"Wow! Full on French!!"
He hugged me back, just for a second, and we left for the local whole-food store.
They have things, even sweets, that use natural ingredients. I got him to like the place too. But... After a little while...
   I was browsing the wall of dried fruits and veggies, while Francis was getting some coconut milk. (Shut up, it's awesome.) All of a sudden- "!!!" I felt terrible, I was doubled over, I felt sick. "F-Francis!" He
:icongekko73:Gekko73 1 0
Mature content
This is how it goes Ch.10 :icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0
Girl-Fist :icongekko73:Gekko73 2 2
This is how it goes Ch.9
   I like to take the shower head and sit down in the tub to get clean. It has the massaging comfort of the shower, but I have time to think about things. I started thinking about how I got here, in France's house when, just yesterday now that I think about it, I could only talk to a picture of him. That lead me to think about the fire, and soon after, my sister. "~sigh~ I need to go visit her again. Maybe she's up now!" I quickly got out, dried, and put on a robe that Francis was kind enough to lend to me. I made my way to the guest room to fall asleep. "The faster I fall asleep, the sooner I wake up, and the sooner I wake up the sooner I can see my Troika! . . Wow, I am way to awake to fall asleep right now. What time is it anyway?" I look over at the alarm clock to see that it's only 7:00pm. "No way."
   I decide to go downstairs, get something to eat and watch some TV. I make a melted roast-beef sandwich with Swiss, and decide on a romantic comedy. Abo
:icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0
The Akatsuki Family Ch.2
    "Here is your name tag." I pin the name tag to her newly-made-baby-sized Akatsuki robe.
' 神ジュニ'  She gave me a big open mouthed smile, her eyes squinted. I have a feeling she likes it.
   That night I introduced her to everyone after dinner. . . She had a sliced up banana.
"DIVINE JUNIOR? Really?" Itachi gave me a look like I was fu**ing crazy. Which was probably
spot-on, knowing him. "Yes, REALLY. She's Jashin's daughter. It's only right." I say the last part looking down at her. She's struggling to keep her bright golden eyes open. GOLDEN, like, yellowish! "Well, DJ's getting tired. I'll see you guys in the morning." I was stopped halfway to my room by Konan.
"What is it? DJ's falling asleep." I talk to her in a loud whisper.
"About that." She hands me a giant bag of diapers, bottles, and assorted ointments. "You'll be able to sleep for about four hours tonight. In total. Nighty-night!" She flashes an evil g
:icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0
The Akatsuki Family Ch.1
   "Just give me the motherf***ing remote, you f***ing money loving w**re!!!"
I can't believe Kakuzu got to the TV before me. AGAIN. He isn't even watching the Jashin-da**ed news! He's just reading the paper.
"C'mon! Tobi and I were gonna watch Adventure Time!"
"I don't care Hidan."
Fu**ing jerk. It's been raining for fu**ing EVER! So watching TV is the only thing to do! Just then Tobi came running in from his room.
"Guys! Guys! Help Tobi! Tobi doesn't know what to do!"
"What is it Tobi?" Kakuzu and I say in unison.
"There is something outside Tobi's window! Tobi can't reach it!" He's getting frantic.
"Ugh! Okay Tobi, show me." I stand up and follow Tobi to his bedroom window. I was fu**ing shocked when I saw what he was talking about. I picked it up when it looked at me. I can't believe it was in the rain. How long was fu**ing it out there?
"Tobi, it's just a-"
"It yelled at Tobi! Tobi doesn't like the way it smells either!"
He has a point. I didn't notice at first, but
:icongekko73:Gekko73 0 0


Mature content
Russia x Reader (LEMON)~Those Vibrant Eyes :iconrussianblizard:RussianBlizard 10 0
Bite-Sized {Pirate!Prussia x Fairy!Reader} [1/3]
Commission for :iconSassy-but-Classy:
Clefairy :love: Clefairy :love: Clefairy :love: 
“Let me out!” a small voice called out from the captain’s quarters. It was high pitched, squeaky, and oddly feminine. No one knew who it belonged to, no one except the blond that stayed in the room with it. Despite the fact that the noise had just began a couple of days ago, the crew had already taken the liberty to spread rumours about what it could be. Some said it was a strange sort of beast from the South, others believed it was just the Captain himself pulling an elaborate prank against them. The crew had woken up early to do their job, and seeing as the captain was still not awake, they figured they could have some time to themselves. Bottles of rum were passed around and everyone gathered together to have some good old quality time.
:iconmaplemagic1245:MapleMagic1245 87 15
SpainXReaderXRomano: Bad Luck
“Of fucking course with my shitty luck.” The Italian signed as he leaned against the wall. It was like all of his life, the universe and all the divine gods were making him miserable for their own entertainment, but he thinks they’ve finally won. His eyes drift back to you, and as constant as the sun, you are staring back at him. His heart flutters in his chest against the will power of his brain. He notices how a subtle blush presents itself on your face as you look away quickly.
The Spaniard blabbers on about something, something about the business, or something else. He doesn’t really care. Around, like everyday, are guns, people, and money. And like everyday, you're close to him. He decided to push himself off the wall as he walks just a tad bit closer to you, knowing that their “meeting” was about to end. This goes unnoticed by everyone in the room except you. Your head suddenly turns to the Italian man, who you feel in love with. His hand touch
:iconprocrastinator-otaku:procrastinator-otaku 57 11
EnglandX!Chubby!Epileptic Reader- No Worries
"(Your name)"
"(Your name)….love!"
You snapped out of your daze as you glanced over at Arthur who had his large eye brows knitted together in worry.
"Yes Arthur?" You smiled up at him, your chubby cheeks puffing out more making the Britt blush as he lightly grabbed your hand.
"Love, you've been doing this more and more lately and I'm worried about you." He stroked your hair with his other hand. You only giggled at him and kissed the tip of his nose.
Inside though you were worried too, lately you haven't been yourself and it was scaring you. You've had painful headaches on the left side of your head, been tired and drained, zoning out without even knowing it and seeing black spots randomly in your vision.
You didn't want to alarm Arthur about the information you were keeping from him and just played it off as nothing in front of him. He was worried enough about you and you didn't want to stress him out.
"Are you sure you're alright (your name)?" You looked into his eyes and nodde
:iconbonkers-4-hatter:bonkers-4-hatter 142 13
PKMN - Indoors :iconkata-009:kata-009 1,910 76
Mature content
Hetalia 7 Minute in Heaven - Austria :iconaprillilypegasi:AprilLilypegasi 18 6
Mature content
Hetalia 7 Minute in Heaven - England :iconaprillilypegasi:AprilLilypegasi 23 5
7 Minutes In Heaven (HetaliaXReader) Prologue
"Happy Valentines day!"
"Oh, Brad! I missed you so much!! Come here, hon, hehe~"
"Agh!! Must not be nervous...on...asking my crush to be my v-valentine!! Ahh!".
You were walking on the streets filled with people but most of them are couples that are walking around wrapping their arms, cuddling, buying chocolate and some are even holding letters.
Today is the 14th of February and it's not just an ordinary day because it's Valentines day, the day of love, the color red and white, chocolate giving, and having a date with a special someone that you love in your entire life.
To be honest, this may be one of your favorite celebrations that you've always wanted to celebrate though the sad thing is, who will be your valentine? You did made a lot of friends which is your country friends that you befriended for a year now and you've been close with them like a rod that never bends. 
Yet, you feel a bit left out seeing so many couples walking around where ever you go smooching, hugging and l
:iconmegablazethecat:MegaBlazethecat 56 7
7 Minutes In Heaven (HetaliaXReader) - Germany
(NOTE: Please note that you should read the prologue first before you proceed on reading this story so you would understand what's happening. Thanks and happy reading!Huggle!Giggle )
You brought out somehow a regular German magazine out of the box and it has a picture full of German people like pop stars, politic people, and etc. and good thing it's not one of 'those' magazines that Italy and Japan mentioned to you about in secret. You looked around and spotted Germany and he seems to be looking at you as well since he saw you holding the magazine.
"You picked Germany, (Y/N)~Good for you!", said Italy as he cheered for the both of you. You smiled shyly and rubbed the tip of your foot against the floor.
"Oh man...", said America as he disappointed.
"Well, he's kinda guy with a good build that the ladies like nowadays...", said F
:iconmegablazethecat:MegaBlazethecat 60 11
She's Mine! (Chibi!Jealous!Japan X Reader)
"(Y/N)-chan! (Y/N)-chan! It's me, Japan! Please open up the door, I don't want anybody else to see me like this!"
You stood up from your desk as you heard a voice but it sounds like a cute boy calling out to you by the front door and he started knocking on the door like crazy but what surprised me is that he said his name is Japan. You weren't sure what is going on but you shrugged the feeling anyway as you walked towards the front door.
You fixed yourself for a moment then you opened the front door gently to see who it is. When you opened it, you didn't see anyone in particular and decided to look left and right just in case but you saw not a single sign of anyone at all. I pondered for a second but eventually I felt someone or something touching my hand.
"Umm...(Y/N)-chan? I'm down here..."
You made a weirded-out expression but as you looked down, you couldn't believe what you were seeing right now. It's really Japan but in child or chibi form. Your eyes began to widened slightly of
:iconmegablazethecat:MegaBlazethecat 199 18
England x Reader: The Mood Ring
“He tried so hard to hide his feelings...he couldn't be defeated by a darn piece of jewellery.”
Category: Fluff, Humour
Word Count: 1889
    “Hey dude! Can you do a little favour for me?”
    “Why on earth would I do a favour for you?”
    Arthur looked up from the book he was reading in his living room. A romantic novel, typical clichés and all, but good nonetheless. He hoped that reading would show his American friend that he was not up for talking right now, but this was about Alfred…if Alfred wanted to talk, Alfred’s going to talk and Arthur’s going to have to stay put and listen.
    “C’mon dude! It’s nothing much!” Alfred complained. Arthur rolled his eyes and lifted his novel higher to block his view on Alfred. It was only a few seconds before Alfred snatched the book from his hands.
    “Alfred, you git! That was uncalled for!”
:icontomatonebula:TomatoNebula 114 45
Mature content
Germany x Reader - Crave - LEMON :iconandypandicorn:AndyPandicorn 696 252
Kyo x Reader Part 1 for gottaluvkyo
Kyo x Reader: for gottaluvkyo
Part One
Warning: There is some swearing since it is Kyo :P
   You were cleaning the classroom after school because you had fallen asleep in class and this was your punishment. You were pushing things out of the way when you heard a loud slam and someone grumbling. You turned around to see a boy a few inches taller than you. He had orange hair and ruby eyes. You stared at him for a few seconds before he shouted at you.
   "What are you staring at?" He grumpily shouted.
   "N-nothing. Sorry. Can I help you?" You walked over to him.
   "No. I got in trouble for yelling in class and was told to help someone clean a room. Everyone else is already done or gone so you were the only one left." You mouthed an 'oh' and he continued. "What do you want me to do?"
   "Could you help me push things out of the way so I can clean the floor?"
   "Sure." Without another word he easily pushed things out of
:iconlalahbug:LalahBug 308 122
Flirty Christmas Presents. [FinlandxReader]
                  Flirty Christmas Presents
                  [Finland x Reader]
 [y/n] and her Scandinavian pals have known one another for years now.  She thought she was making her crush known well enough since everyone around her knew about it. If Matthias could see it, then why couldn’t Tino? She has liked the Finnish man for at least seven years now, but nothing she did seemed to let him know that.
                She grumbled angrily as she thought back to the recent summer and how she almost literally made a fool of herself just trying to get him to see.
~~~~~Flash Back: Summer Time~~~~~
                Tino felt his cheeks burn like the sun as he and Matthias gawked at the scene before them. Norway
:iconmaybelle-maple:Maybelle-Maple 352 125
Mature content
Request: 2p!Canada/Reader [LEMON] Part 1 :iconrussindofreak:RussIndoFreak 157 26
Daddy!England X Mommy! Reader- First Diaper Duty
Arthur stared in horror at his cute little bundle of joy laying on the change table. This was the first day [name] had ever left him alone with the boy since he had been born, and he honestly had no clue what he was doing when it came to changing a diaper. Sure, he had taken care of kids before; he absolutely adored them. Throughout the years he had been a big brother to several different nations. But he hadn’t started taking care of any of them until they were toilet trained (if we aren’t counting Alfred’s bed wetting tendencies when he was little).
Now with his own son, [b/n], the nation was completely lost. The stench in the air filled his nostrils and made him cringe. He found himself frantically looking for the diapers and wipes as he mentally prepared himself for this trying task. In the few months that he had been able to call himself a father, Arthur had experienced several….unpleasant moments. He had dealt with running noses, baby vomit, and several oth
:iconromano-ma-bromano:romano-ma-bromano 76 13


This was very funny! It's something that I will have in the back of my mind for a little bit, but if you had done a little more, like m...



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